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Innovative 3D editor created by designers for designers

3IXAM is the INSTRUMENT for creating 3D design in all spheres.

*According to research of 3IXAM specialists

3IXAM software

Was created by 16 years experienced 3D designer that whole his life pursuit to create an innovative design editor with innovative technologies especially fast picture rendering and animation with AI included.
3IXAM software is a crazy system that is really easy to understand. This is a real tool that was created for designers. It is easy to use to raise your creativity and simple enough to make you able to be creative without worrying too much about programming inside the program, especially animation.


Made with idea of six element (carbon). Because it looks similar to honeycomb – the most powerful symbol or geometrical object. Even like human DNA. So the interface looks like natural structure for people. That helps to learn program really fast.

Crossplatform rendering

Integrate all your devices into a single system of 3D farm. It allows to increase rendering speed by 10 times

System requirements

3IXAM fully works on OSX operation system with M-series chips in Apple devices. It supports wide range of file formats that can be imported and exported. Even files for NFT and metaverses

Virtual hands

Use mouse and tablet for creating unique forms in 3IXAM. Virtual Hands is convenient way to complete your project faster

Convenient control panel

Adaptable interface - the interface layout is adjustable for both right-handed and left-handed users

3IXAM assistant

Every designer uses his own unique style for creating projects. Considering this style 3IXAM offers the designer appropriate variants of project performance. It will advise the features relevant to his style, thus, speeding up the work

Take a break and Turn up

Creativity is fun, overload is not. 3IXAM reminds you to take a break and come back when you have rested. The program has built-in music effects that enhance your creativity

Whichever metaverse you want

You can create projects for the metaverse and immediately upload them where ever you want

Max Marka. Founder of 3IXAM software
β€œI have always been attracted to progressive things, I have always come up with unsurpassed designs for my clients, I have put an idea into every work.”

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